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Thursday, August 26, 2010

User Information List not Synchronised with User Profiles

This evening I ran into a profile synchronisation issue, where fields available in the User Information List were showing outdated personal information for each account, even when the equivalent field on the user profile had been updated.  A field in the User Profiles was previously mapped to a field in Active Directory, and successfully pulled the corresponding data from AD during profile imports.

I wanted to allow the field to be edited in SharePoint, so AD mapping for this field was then removed.  Data that was previously pulled from AD remained in the field, and at this point was in sync with data in User Information Lists accross the site collection.  After making changes to the information via the My Profile area on the MySite Host, the changes were not reflected in User Information Lists.

Both full and incremental profile imports had run after the changes were made, but this didn't seem to have any effect on User Information Lists.  I also used the sync operation in stsadm to force synchronisation of the User Information List (Both Profile Synchronization & Quick Profile Synchronization jobs), but this also had no effect.  I also thought that the issue may have been due to the fact that this environment is used only for development purposes, and has had a small number of local service accounts as well as accounts imported from AD over time, some of which no longer exist.  I tested this by modifying profile information for both a local and AD account, then forced a profile sync using stsadm.  I was able to update information in the “My Profile” for both accounts, but neither of the changes were applied to User Information Lists after the sync jobs were completed.

After running the "stsadm -o sync -listolddatabases <num days>" command, I found that there were two databases with out of date sync information.  I then ran the "stsadm -o sync -deleteolddatabases <num days>" command to remove the outdated sync information. The article Syncing WSS and MOSS User profile properties with Active Directory by Christian Dam provided me with information about User Profile Synchronisation, as well as the stsadm sync operation, which assisted with the process.  

Once the old sync information databases were removed, I then retried forcing the sync operation for both the Profile Sync. & Quick profile Sync. Jobs.  After checking that the Timer Job Status for the sync jobs had completed successfully via Central Administration, I then compared the information in User Information Lists on the site, which had also been successfully updated.

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