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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Can't Deploy Solution Once Added to Solution Store - SharePoint (MOSS 2007)

Can't Deploy Solution Once Added to Solution Store Via Central Admin

I tried deploying a custom Web Part solution to a MOSS 2007 environment via the Solution Management page in Central Admin.  I was able to select the solution, time to deploy (now) and the Web Applications to deploy to, then press OK to initiate the process. From here I am taken back to the Solution Management page, where the solution I wish to deploy has the status “Deploying(scheduled at ... )”.  After a few seconds and a page refresh, the status returns to “Not Deployed” and the “Deployed To” value remains as “None”. 

Issues Deploy Solution using STSADM

I was able to add the solution to the solution store using the STSADM command line tool, but when trying to deploy the solution to Web Applications hosting SharePoint, the process didn't complete successfully although it states that it did.

If I open the Solution Properties, the Last Operation Result and Details both state “The solution was successfully deployed”, but the Deployment Status is “None”.

As there are multiple servers running in the farm, my first thought that deployment timer jobs were not being executed properly on each server.

STSADM - Deploy Solution on Frontend
My Solution, was to manually deploy the solution locally using STSADM on the frontend server.  The following command allowed me to deploy the solution to site collections accross the farm:

C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\12\BIN>stsadm -o deploysolution -name "WebPartName.wsp" -allcontenturls -local -allowGacDeployment

After manually running this command, the result of the STSADM operation was: “Operation completed successfully”.  When viewing the list of solutions installed, the status for the new Web Part solution had updated to “Deployed”, with the “Deployed to” column stating the applications in which the solution was deployed.  I was then able to activate the solution for the site collection, via the Site Collecion Features.

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Benjamin Athawes said...

Thanks for this post.

Did you ever find out why it was necessary to run the stsadm -o deploysolution command locally on each server (and more importantly, how to resolve the problem)?

DanielS said...

Hi Benjamin,

I resolved this a while ago by disconnecting and reconnecting the two SharePoint servers to the farm. Still unsure of the exact cause, but I found that the search service was updating the hosts file on one of the servers with incorrect ip/name mappings which was preventing them from accessing each other. It was stopping timer jobs properly from running on each server which I think is why deploying directly to the web frontend allowed the solution to work.

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