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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Integrate InfoPath Form with SharePoint Workflow

How to integrate InfoPath forms with workflow in SharePoint to give greater control over the functionality and user interface.

When an InfoPath form is set up to submit to a SharePoint library, fields in the form can be mapped to columns/fields in the SharePoint library, or a content type which is associated with a document library. See Submit InfoPath form to SharePoint List or Library using Content Type for details and an example of how to submit an InfoPath form to a SharePoint document library.

Workflow can then be set up on the document library to start when an item is created and/or modified. Having a time stamp in the filename for a newly submitted form will ensure the filename is unique.

When a submitted form is reopened and updated/modified, values in the form will be updated when the form is submitted (not saved), which will cause the workflow not to function if field changes aren't happening. To ensure that a submitted form overwrites it's previous version when opened and re-submitted, store the filename in a text field when the form is first successful submit event. When submitting the form to SharePoint, refer to the field when setting the filename for the form. To submit a form programmatically an XMLHTTP request, see artcle programmatically submit an InfoPath Form to a Windows SharePoint Services document library. This will give you full control over the file name for the form. If version control is enabled on the document library, this method of submitting the form allows the version number of the form to increment as required.

Once the form is overwriting it'self each time it is being submitted, it can be used as an iterface for a workflow. To use data from SharePoint lists and libraries in the form, see Using Secondary InfoPath Data Connections to retrieve data from a SharePoint List or Library.
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