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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Illegal Characters in SharePoint Document Libraries

The following characters are unsupported / illegal in SharePoint document libraries:

& " : * ? <> # {} % ~ / \ Tab

If the file name of a document contains any of the characters above, a message will be displayed noting SharePoint's illegal characters. If using the multiple upload interface, the response will be an Access Denied page. See
Access Denied when trying to upload multiple files to a SharePoint Library.

For details about bulk file renaming if a large number of files and documents contain illegal characters, see
Bulk File Rename files to remove or replace illegal characters - allow upload/migration to SharePoint Document Library.
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Pesiiin's blog said...

Hi, what about char "+" ? I can't open any file with + in name...

DanielS said...

The format of the url may include the filename as a parameter which needs to be encoded. Web browsers topically interpret a + in a query string as a space (" ").

You should be able to save a file in SharePoint with a + in the filename. I have not had issues myself.

Unknown said...

My problem with "+" character is when trying to open a .pdf file with the browser visor. Anyway, my question is: is there any option to block files with this character contained in the title?

DanielS said...

Hi Pau,

You have some control over supported file types via central admin by memory, but I don't think this allows you to block a file type based on filename characters. I will have a look myself.

Other options may be to modify web.config for the SharePoint web application, although I am not sure how or if possible off the top of my head as I haven't done this myself, but assume so.

You may also be able to do this using a module in IIS, such as URL Rewrite, or to write a custom event handler to check for the "+" when uploading.


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